Q: What is an endorsement?

A: An endorsement is a job recommendation for an elected post. These are based on interviewing a candidate or from previous knowledge of their work and character. Endorsements are given with great care, as they represent people lending their good name in support of a candidate.

Diridon for Clerk Endorsers

Organizational Endorsements:

Santa Clara Firefighters Association
Santa Clara Police Officers Association
Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee
California League of Conservation Voters, Santa Clara County

City of Santa Clara Elected Officials:*

Lisa Gillmor — Mayor, City of Santa Clara
Dominic Caserta – City Councilmember, City of Santa Clara
Pat and Terri Kolstad – City Councilmember, City of Santa Clara, Community Leaders
Jerry Marsalli – City Councilmember, City of Santa Cara
Gary Gillmor – Former Mayor
Larry Fargher – Former Mayor
Larry Marsalli – Former Mayor
Jamie and Julie Matthews – Former Mayor, Community Leaders
Kevin Kyle – Former Chief of Police
Steve Lodge – Former Chief of Police
William Kennedy – Former City Councilmember
Joe Kornder – Former City Councilmember
Jamie McLeod – Former City Councilmember
Keri Procunier McLain – Former City Councilmember
Kevin Moore – Former City Councilmember
Dave Tobkin – Former City Councilmember
Jim Canova – SCUSD Board Member
Elise DeYoung – Former SCUSD Board Member

County and Regional Elected Officials:*

Norm Mineta – Former Congressman, Cabinet Secretary
Mike Honda – Congressman
Jeff Rosen — Santa Clara County District Attorney
Laurie Smith – County Sherriff
Larry Stone – County Assessor
Cindy Chavez – Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
Dave Cortese – Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
Rod Diridon, Sr. and Dr. Gloria Duffy – Former County Supervisor, Community Leaders
Susan Ellenberg – San Jose Unified School District Member
Anne Kepner – West Valley/Mission Community College Board Member
Gary Kremen – Water District Board Member
Norm Kline – Former Santa Clara Planning Commissioner and Mayor of Saratoga
Otto Lee – Former Sunnyvale City Councilmember
Julia Miller – El Camino Hospital District Board Member
Sequoia Hall – Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority Director
Mike Potter – Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority Director
Karl Watanabe – West Valley/Mission Community College Board Member
Ken Yeager – Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Community Leaders:*

David Abramson – Teacher
Ray Allen – Community Leader
Nick and Ashleigh Ammann – Business Leader, Teacher
Loretta Beavers – Cultural Commissioner
Harbir Bhatia – Cultural Commissioner, Business Leader
Tom Bommerino – Neighbor, Community Leader
Lee Broughman – Library Board Trustee
Willie Brown, Jr. and John Sullivan – Civil Service Commissioner, Neighbors
Wanda Buck – Senior Advisory Commissioner
Nan Bucknell – Neighbor, Community Leader
Charlie Blair – Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Robin Burdick – Community Leader
Rick Callender – Former President of the NAACP
Don and Clare Callejon – Former Superintendent of Public Schools, Community Leaders
Ajaipal “AJ” Chahal – Former Youth Commisioner, Eagle Scout
Ian and Tracy Champeny – Former Planning Commissioner, Community Leaders
Priya Cherukuru – Historical and Landmarks Commissioner
Dwight Collins – Former Senior Advisory Commissioner
John and Kathy Congistre – Community Leaders
Peter and Diane Congistre – Business and Community Leaders
Dan Contreras – Community Leader
Debbie and Ed Costa – Former Planning Commissioner, Business Owners
Mindy Cuppy – City Clerk, City of Rancho Cordova, 2014 City Clerk of the Year
Peter Delevette – High Tech Business Leader
Mary Ann Diridon – Mom, Community Leader
Mary Margaret Diridon – Sister, Community Leader
Sabra Diridon – Wife, Community Leader
Steve Ellenberg – Attorney, Community Leader
Laura Enderton Speede – Government Leader
Stephen Estes – Historical and Landmarks Commissioner
Mike Ferrito – Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee
Tre Fetterhoff – Business Leader
Burt Field – Business Leader, Youth Sports Advocate
Eversley Forte – Chair, Cultural Commission
Mike Foulkes – Business Leader
Mike Fox, Jr. – Business and Community Leader
Mary Ellen and Mike Fox, Sr. – Business and Community Leaders
Ray and Geri Gamma – Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Community Leaders
Dr. Alma M. Garcia – Senior Advisory Commissioner
David Gillmor – Community Leader
David and Elisa Ginsborg – Community Leaders
Kate Grant – Community Leader
Tom Graves – City Clerk, City of Hollister
Cynthia Guerrero – Business Leader
Scot and Mary Hanna-Weir – Neighbors, Community Leaders, Campaign Manager
Eric and Anna Heckman – Business and Community Leaders
Rich Hudnut – Cusiness Leader
Michael Hyams – Historical and Landmarks Commissioner
Yuki Ikezi – Planning Commissioner
Cynthia James – Business Leader
Maureen Kane – Director of the California City Clerks Academy
Vickie Kasad – City Clerk, City of Ontario
Mark and Kathy Kelsey – Community Leaders
Steve Kelly – Planning Commissioner
Janikke Klem – Business Leader
Andrew Knaack – Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Mary Lavelle – City Clerk, City of Milpitas
Christopher Leal – Business Leader
Steve Lee – Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Patricia Leung – Historic and Landmarks Commissioner
Steve Lopes – Business Leader
Harry Lopez – Attorney, Community Leader
Brian Lowery – Community Leader
Ashish Mangla – Library Board Trustee
Art Marshall – Firefighter
Joe Martinez – Parks and Recreation Commissioner
David Martz – Business and Community Leader
Ken and Bunny Martz – Business and Community Leaders
Martha Martz – Business and Community Leader
Carol McAllister – Civil Service Commissioner
Mark McKenna – Business Leader
Besty Megas – Former Library Board Trustee
Grant McCauley – Senior Advisory Commissioner
Joe and Elise Mello – Businesspeople, Community Leaders
Steve Mello – Retired Police Officer
John Ochsner – Business Leader
Mike and Bonnie O’Halloran – Planning Commissioner, Community Leaders
Sam Orme – Senior Advisory Commissioner
Steve Ormsby – Community Leader
Peggy Parkin – Community Leader
Carmen Pascual – Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee Member
Barbara Perzigian – Community Leader
Dr. Karen Philbrick and Evan Mandell – Education and Community Leaders
Greg Phillips – Retired Firefighter
Alice Pivacek – Former Senior Advisory Commissioner
Dan Potash – Business Leader
Lee Price – Former City Clerk, City of San Jose
Erica Rabe – City Clerk, City of Tustin
Brandon Reinhardt – Planning Commissioner
Steve Ricossa – Library Board Trustee
Margaret Roberts – City Clerk and former City Clerks Association of California President
Dorothy Rosa – Community Leader
Ted and Norma Rose – Retired Firefighter, Community Leaders
Rochelle Santiago – Business Leader
Gabby Seagrave – Retired Police Officer
Chris Schumb – Attorney, Community Leader
Marcine Seid – Attorney, Community Leader
Pieter Smith – Business Leader
Kevin and Danielle Souza – Neighbors, Business Leaders
Usha Srinivasan – Cultural Commissioner
Pat Staffelbach – Civil Service Commissioner
Spike Standifer – Historical and Landmarks Commissioner
Keith Stattenfield – Engineer, Former Planning Commissioner
Joe and Linda Sweeney – Former Planning Commissioner and Community Leaders
Nancy Toledo – Senior Advisory Commissioner
Terry Trumbull – Professor, Environmental Leader
Catherine Matsuyo Tompkison – Business Leader
Mike and Jennifer Van Every – Community Leaders
Barbara Vance – Former Library Board Trustee
Peter Verbica – Community Leader, Author
Don Von Raesfeld, Jr. – Community Leader
Don Von Raesfeld, Sr. – Retired Santa Clara City Manager
Carol Wada – Community Leader
Mike Walke – Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Jan-Yu Weng – Planning Commissioner
Ken Wright – Former Housing Rehabilitation Loan Committee Member
Tobias and Monica Yergin – Business and Community Leaders
Peter Yoon – Library Board Trustee
Linda Zazzara – Community Leader


Partial List…

* Titles are for identification purposes only and do not connote an organizational endorsement.